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... The study by Chen et al. 2008 (Section of persons exposed to the smoke from mosquito coils, and the study by McDuffie et al. 2001 (Section of persons exposed to ...

Size: 567KB

Date Modified: 03/07/2023

... 11/10 smoking, and use of matched (sex, age, and < 25 2.7 (1.1-6.6); 16/12 mosquito coils and herbal neighborhood) st medicine Final model: yrs since 1 exposure community ...

Size: 406KB

Date Modified: 03/07/2023

... with a trained nurse, information was collected on socio-demographics, diet, smoking, occupational history, and use of herbal medicines, betel nut, and anti-mosquito coils. ...

Size: 5.8MB

Date Modified: 03/07/2023

... Promoting effect of metal compounds on rat renal tumorigenesis. J. Am. COIL Toxicol. ... and mercuric chloride in the mosquito,Anopheles stephensi liston (Culicidae: Dbtern). ...

Size: 12.9MB

Date Modified: 03/07/2023

... wildlife Awareness, PPE 3. Insects, mosquitoes Insecticides, repellants, PPE 4. ... refrigeration systems, each evaporator coil should be controlled by a separate set of ...

Size: 3.1MB

Date Modified: 05/14/2022

Liaison at (919) 541-3665. Study of Mosquito Protein Could Lead to Treatments Against ... 301-642-9910 graphic display of the mosquito protein AG12 with its viral membrane ...

Size: 172KB

Date Modified: 12/11/2023

Shield Shows Promise in Blocking Mosquito Bites National Institute of ... Contact: Sheena Scruggs Ph.D., NIEHS 984-287-3355 Disease-carrying mosquitos may be ...

Size: 171KB

Date Modified: 12/11/2023

AEG12 inhibits mosquito-borne flavivirus by disrupting viral envelope When DNA repair goes ... repair safeguards - June AEG12 inhibits mosquito-borne flavivirus by disrupting viral ...

Size: 216KB

Date Modified: 02/17/2022

man and child looking at smokestacks, mosquito NIEHS has developed Climate and Health ... as how to eliminate breeding sites for mosquitoes and how vectors, and the health risks ...

Size: 159KB

Date Modified: 03/11/2024

liquid to stop the spread of mosquito born diseases (Editorial credit: ... Vectors like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, can carry infective pathogens, such as viruses, ...

Size: 166KB

Date Modified: 06/06/2022

114 matching documents, best matches first.