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... Zhou B, Liu J, Ren Z, Yao F, Ma J, Song J, Bennett B, Zhen Y, Wang L, Hu G, Hu S. ... Phthalates and Thyroid Function in Preschool Age Children: Sex Specific Associations ...

Size: 1.1MB

Date Modified: 08/04/2020

... Shao X, Ding X, Wang B, Li L, An X, Yao Q, Song R and Zhang J (2017) Antibiotic Exposure ... Alkyl Substances and Health Outcomes in Children: A Systematic Review of the ...

Size: 462KB

Date Modified: 08/01/2020

... W, Cronin B, Wood RA, Eggleston PA, Shih MC, Song Let al. . 2004. Effect of environmental intervention on mouse allergen levels in homes of inner-city Boston children with asthma. ...

Size: 267KB

Date Modified: 08/01/2020

... date: 1-Oct-2019. Tian Y, Xiang X, Juan J, Song J, Cao Y, Huang C, Li M and Hu Y (2018) ... association between air pollution and children's lung function, Environmental Research, ...

Size: 199KB

Date Modified: 08/01/2020

... The Hokkaido Study on Environment and Children's Health, Science of The Total ... Online publication date: 1-Nov-2017. Song H, Park J, Bui P, Choi K, Gye M, Hong Y, ...

Size: 565KB

Date Modified: 08/01/2020

... publication date: 1-Sep-2011. Greene N and Song M (2011) Predicting in vivo safety ... assessments for hazardous chemicals in children's consumer products, Journal of Exposure ...

Size: 388KB

Date Modified: 08/01/2020

... B, Christopher E, Shafer M, Makar K, Song X, Lampe J, Vilchis H, Ulery A and Newcomb ... to mercury neurotoxicity in children: Summary findings from the Casa Pia ...

Size: 219KB

Date Modified: 08/01/2020

... 1-Aug-2018. Kang S, Kang B, Kim H and Song J (2018) Effect of Particulate Matter on ... and lower respiratory infections among children in Ningbo, China: A time-series ...

Size: 358KB

Date Modified: 08/01/2020

... and treatment of relative anemia in children with sickle cell disease in sub-Saharan ... Wang J, Song L, Li K, Yan R, Hu X, Zhang W, Yin Y and Zhao S (2015) Protective effects of ...

Size: 283KB

Date Modified: 08/01/2020

... 1-Dec-2018. Sun X, Li D, Liang H, Miao M, Song X, Wang Z, Zhou Z and Yuan W (2018) ... of phthalates/phthalate alternatives in children's toys and childcare articles: Review of ...

Size: 329KB

Date Modified: 08/01/2020

1,538 matching documents, newest pages first.