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signaling made by Ken Korach, Ph.D., during his 40+ year career at NIEHS. The meeting will focus on current advances on estrogen receptor signaling and its environmental relevance. ...

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Date Modified: 10/20/2019

... Reprod Toxicol 17:451-45612849857.Crossref, Medline , Google Scholar Daston GP, Gooch JW, Breslin WJ, Shuey DL, Nikiforov AI, Fico TAet al. . 1997. Environmental estrogens and ...

Size: 404KB

Date Modified: 10/19/2019

... Recently, environmental estrogens such as bisphenol A (BPA) have become public health concerns because of experimental evidence indicating deleterious effects on energy balance and ...

Size: 433KB

Date Modified: 10/19/2019

... PCBs, PBDEs, PCDEs, and organochlorine pesticides in six different environmental matrices. ... Molecular cloning of the estrogen and progesterone receptors of the American alligator. ...

Size: 310KB

Date Modified: 10/19/2019

... and Infant Birth Weight, Environmental Health Perspectives, 118:2, (297-302), ... of plasticizers and their mixtures on estrogen receptor and thyroid hormone functions, ...

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Date Modified: 10/19/2019

... direct effects on the TR. In contrast to the estrogen and androgen steroid hormone receptors, each affected by numerous environmental chemicals in the agonist or antagonist mode, ...

Size: 379KB

Date Modified: 10/19/2019

... is a widespread environmental contaminant (Birnbaum 1994, 1995; Zook and Rappe 1994). ... years), on menopause status at diagnosis, and on estrogen or progesterone receptor status. ...

Size: 244KB

Date Modified: 10/19/2019

... to Prenatal Phthalate Exposure, Environmental Health Perspectives, 118:2, (291-296), ... I and Rüegg J (2009) Regulation of estrogen receptor beta activity and implications ...

Size: 285KB

Date Modified: 10/19/2019

... we learned and where will they lead us?Endocr Rev 20(3):358-41710368776.Crossref, Medline , Google Scholar Cummings AM . 1997. Methoxychlor as a model for environmental estrogens. ...

Size: 257KB

Date Modified: 10/19/2019

... In an estrogen-receptor-dependent transcriptional expression assay using human breast ... The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established an MCL (maximum contaminant ...

Size: 182KB

Date Modified: 10/19/2019

2,826 matching documents, newest pages first.